Coffee by Post

-  HINTS & TIPS  -

Coffee Machine Dripping Coffee


Just a few hints and tips on how to prepare and brew your coffee.



How much coffee should I use? We get asked this question all the time.



Naturally there is no precise answer, it entirely depends on how you prefer your coffee to taste. In fact most new coffee machines, be it a filter or espresso machine, should give you a guide on how much coffee to use.


Best advice is to make coffee a little and often, and then drink it as soon as possible, don’t let your coffee stew for hours on the hotplate. 



On our fairly simple filter machine that means we fill the water gauge up to the eight cups or four mugs mark. And we use three to four table spoons of coffee and this weighs approx 30-35 gms in total.



With regards to a cafetiere again most of them will come complete with a small plastic measuring spoon, where one spoonful should be enough to make one cup of coffee.



However, the key to success is to experiment, experiment, experiment; judge how much water you will need to make your total requirement, and then play around with the quantity of coffee. Eventually you may even find that your favourite recipe is in fact a mix of one or two different types of coffee; you never know what new mix you might come up with.


However you take your coffee, do take the time to savour the experience, and that’s what it should be; a few minutes of pure heaven.