An outstanding coffee that’s characterful yet approachable. Think caramel tuile, milk chocolate and hints of pear and baked apple.

Acidity: 2/5
Sweetness: 4/5
Body: 3/5

Producer     Herbert Pérez - El Libano Farm
Varietal     Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Pache, Geisha, Pache Colis
Process     Fully washed, initially patio dried and finished in a mechanical dryer
Roast     Filter


About This Coffee

Herbert Pérez has run the farm since 1992. Originally, these farms were part of a larger farm called Finca La Pampa, and were purchased by Herbert’s grandfather – Mr Prudencio Pérez Rosales – in 1915.


Through the passing of generations, La Pampa was split into three equal farms, of which Finca El Líbano is one of them. All of the farms still work as one, with no divisions. That’s why they realise their certifications under the name of FINCA LA PAMPA Y ANEXOS.

The farm didn’t start as a coffee farm. In fact, it first cultivated corn, beans and sugar cane. It was in 1940 that coffee was first harvested, starting with the Bourbon varietal. The coffee harvest was successful, which led to many investments such as the purchase of a wet mill (1960); building roads and purchasing trucks for the farm. Prior to the acquisition of vehicles, oxen and carriages were used to transport coffee cherry from the field, to the wet mill, then back to the patios.

Improvements are continually made such as the addition of fermentation tanks, syphons, recirculation water pump, and water treatment facilities. In addition, the number of patios have increased and they have added a mechanical dryer.


Herbert was able to dedicate himself full time to the farm until the recent leaf rust crisis. This forced him to find a full time job in the local department of agriculture, and rely on his farm manager to maintain the ongoing work.

Guatemala El Libano 200g